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Profils Jean Claude Chalhoub | Facebook

Profils Jean Claude Chalhoub | Facebook

Jean Claude Chalhoub as a Business Leader

From this new position, the organisation – now well established internationally - was ideal to launch Jean Claude Chalhoub t (site officiel)owards increased results. He founded and established a number of other chains of the business, omitting the group. His expertise and adaptability gave Jean Claude Chalhoub the greatest chance of being chosen for a managerial role. His excellent leadership abilities and his success in driving growth herald the enduring success of the organisation.

Educational Experience

Jean Claude Chalhoub’s birth place is a popular location for tourists. This has allowed him to learn from other cultures by interacting with them. From an early age, Jean Claude Chalhoub started his studies in his hometown, being taught by his parents and inspired by the country in which he resided. Chalhoub's learning and knowledge of a comprehensive range of languages means he is capable of understanding clients and building great customer relationships.

His flexibility to speak four or five languages helps him in communicating with customers and clients successfully. The business is active in a number of markets. Chalhoub is able to comprehend the many dynamics associated with these much more easily due to the fact that he can understand and speak a variety of languages. Thanks to his special abilities, it was only proper that Jean Claude Chalhoub should become the head of the company founded by his father and family.

Horse racing is one of Jean Claude Chalhoub’s passions, as is sailing the ocean. He also really likes to travel worldwide. He has an interest in horse racing. As a way to supplement this, he bought a racehorse which has contended in contests worldwide. Jean Claude Chalhoub is extremely fond of leisurely activities outside of work. The marvels in the world intrigue him. To see them with his own eyes, he frequently journeys abroad.

Jean Claude Chalhoub was born into an Egyptian corporate household in the late 50's. The father of Jean Claude Chalhoub is the founder of a multinational insurance and reinsurance business. He was assisted in learning Italian, Spanish, Arabic, English and French by the various visitors who frequented his country.

Working his way up in the company has given him the know-how and experience necessary to achieve extraordinary results. With the chance to witness the actions of his father frequently as a member of staff, Jean Claude Chalhoub got an important practical education in business management from the very start. After the completion of his learning in France, Jean Claude Chalhoub joined his family’s company. His family organisation has set him up with the basis for his career-growth, through which he acquired valuable facilitation to thrive in his professional life.